Kootenay Wood Energy


Ever had a chimney fire? Hot and/or multiple chimney fires can cause serious liner damage and cracking. If big cracks develop or pieces are missing, then flue gases will further diminish the chimney shell, possibly leading to the need for a whole new chimney. If you have had a chimney fire, best to have your chimney professionally inspected. Depending on the chimney, relining usually involves breaking out the old clay tile liner… Read More

We can repair most chimneys. Often our work involves applying a parge coat to recover and refine the outside of a cracked chimney. We also rebuild chimneys above the roof-line where weathering has caused deterioration. Installing a concrete chimney cap or crown is also common as chimneys weaken much faster without a crown. Contact us to discuss your chimney repair needs with a WETT Certified Wood Energy Technician.